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One Sun Media is a boutique creative agency providing all services top-tear advertising and marketing agencies offer, – without the premium price tag. We are passionate about crafting creative digital media solutions that stand out in a crowded online landscape. From branding to creative development and strategic marketing, we work closely with our partners to tailor their message and build deeper connections with their audiences.


Craft immersive, unforgettable brand experiences that build trust and foster lasting loyalty. Elevate your brand journey with us and discover the path to enduring success.

Content Marketing

Experience the impact of SEO-ready content that conquers search rankings and captivates your audience. Elevate your online presence, boost SEO , and expand your reach with results-driven content.


Our Publishing service unlocks the power of niche proprietary publications, establishing your brand’s industry authority, boosting SEO rankings, and expanding your reach.

web presence simplified

Your vision | Web Development | Managed hosting

We build websites with WordPress. When it comes to web presence, we simplify the process with the fastest-growing Content Management System (CMS) trusted by over 28% of websites worldwide. Let us help you create a robust online experience that propels your business forward. Our managed hosting ensures proper configuration and security, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we handle the tech 24/7.

Landing pages

Captivate and convert with visually stunning landing pages that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your online presence and achieve your conversion goals.

Starts at $1,180


Unleash the power of full CRM websites that showcase your brand and streamline operations. Enhance customer relationships and achieve your online objectives with a standout website.

Starts at $5,800


From e-commerce platforms to member portals and appointment booking systems, our dedicated team develops custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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digital marketing

Social | Email |SEO

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to growing a brand. That’s why we provide customized solutions to connect with your audience where it matters most for your business. Our strategy revolves around attracting new customers and strengthening your brand online. Through proven techniques and innovative marketing strategies, including Email, Social, and Influencer campaigns, we’ll boost audience engagement with your brand.


Experience captivating campaigns that drive measurable results. We’re your online and social media marketing partners, leveraging Facebook, Google, and Instagram to maximize your reach.

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Unlock the potential of email marketing campaigns that convert. Experience email campaigns that captivate your audience and deliver tangible results.

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Partner with us to achieve top search engine rankings and heightened online visibility. Our results-driven approach guarantees prominent placement in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Books | Limited Editions | Publications

Captivating books, exclusive limited edition prints, and breathtaking photographs, each a manifestation of boundless creativity and inspiration. Immerse yourself in a realm of storytelling and exploration as we beckon you to embark on a journey illuminated by the transformative power of words and images.


Meticulously designed and edited, from timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, each volume is a testament to the harmonious blend of typography, layout, and visual storytelling

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Limited Editions

Meticulously crafted to capture the richness of expression and evoke emotions. Every print is a masterpiece, showcasing the finest in print artistry and craftsmanship.

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From lifestyle and culture to technology and business. Get the latest trends and expert insights that shape our world. Gain access to our collection of proprietary publications. Need a Publisher? Get in touch!

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Branding | Digital Marketing | Web Production

Managing various aspects of a project across multiple platforms can be overwhelming. Our consulting services offer in-depth analysis and a toolkit to help you make informed decisions. Whether it’s branding, web development, or digital marketing, we’ll guide you through the creative process, pinpoint weaknesses, and leverage your strategic strengths to achieve desired results.


Discover the impact of a captivating visual identity. We provide insights into how branding sets you apart and drives success.


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Gain expert insights into budget optimization, media, and strategy. We equip you to make informed decisions, connect with your audience, and achieve marketing goals.


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Web production

Our guidance in CRM and hosting, paired with insights into online business fundamentals, equips you to harness technology and achieve digital success.


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public relations

Communications | Events | Partnerships

We create meaningful connections between patrons and brands. From organizing events to stimulate collaborations, we craft bridges that elevate your brand’s presence. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of public relations, ensuring your brand resonates across diverse audiences and cultures.


From press releases and insightful articles, to blog posts and marketing content, our communications approach ensures your brand’s voice is heard loud and clear in the ever-evolving landscape of print and digital media. Let us articulate your story in a seamless and effective way.

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Whether orchestrating corporate galas or  private soirées, we craft experiences that leave a lasting impression. From concept to completion, every detail is meticulously planned and executed. Trust us in creating a memorable experience for you.

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Through our tailored approach, we facilitate meaningful partnerships, focusing on expanding your network within influential circles, providing a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and patrons who can propel you to new heights.

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